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Sunday Morning Bloody Mary: Just Enjoying Some Football For Once

Fooch's Note: Don't forget to get your Week 12 Prediction Games selected.

The 49ers don't play until tomorrow night, which means Sunday football can be a rare relaxing opportunity for us fans. I suppose if you're in the midst of a heated fantasy football battle that might not be possible. However, I recommend you throw back an adult beverage of some sort and just enjoy a Sunday of football where you're guaranteed to not get your heart broken by the 49ers. They'll save that for Monday!

Today we get a fairly decent number of interesting matchups worth following. The most important for the 49ers, if you're still pondering a playoff opportunity, are both this afternoon. The Seattle Seahawks host the Kansas City Chiefs, while the St. Louis Rams travel to the Denver Broncos. The Seahawks are solid at home, but the Chiefs are a tough opponent for the most part. The Chiefs have been a bit inconsistent lately so it's hard to tell which Chiefs team will actually show up this afternoon. I'm pulling for the good version, but who knows what will happen.

The Rams travel to the cheatin' Denver Broncos. I'm sorry, but I really can't get myself all that worked up about this whole Spygate II scandal. Whether McDaniels knew anything about this or not, I just find it funny that anybody would feel the need to tape the 49ers practice. Apparently the 49ers players ran phony plays because they were actually somewhat aware that something funky was going on. Whatever happened, the whole thing is more just an embarrassment to Josh McDaniels. I'm sure if he had done this to the Jets, Rex Ryan would be getting in some big huff. I won't say I don't care, but rather I'm just amused by it.

Other games I'm psyched about would be the Packers-Falcons and Eagles-Bears. I'd be excited about the Raiders and the Dolphins, but it's blacked out as the Raiders have once again failed to sell out the Coliseum. It's kinda lame at this point that they can't figure something out.

The day culminates with the Chargers and the Colts at 5:20pm on NBC. This should be a fun matchup as the Chargers are entering that portion of the season when they seemingly never lose. We'll see if they can ride another hot streak into the playoffs.