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Golden Nuggets: A Win Here Would Be Nice ... Just Saying

Now we're here on gameday, ready for our precious football. Was it a good day in the NFL yesterday? I ask because I didn't get a chance to watch any games. Even if I had been able to, I'm not sure I would have attentively watched any of the games; if the 49ers aren't playing, it just isn't my cup of tea. (Willing to bet LondonNiner just got a little excited) I find it exceedingly difficult to care about football when my 49ers aren't playing, which is probably a bad thing when it all comes down to it, but I can't really change that.

Need a win from our 49ers today. I don't care about draft positioning, I don't care about losing to get rid of Mike Singletary (you folks who refer to him as "Dingleberry" are so funny that it's not even right. I may die of laughter if I hear that again) or anything of that sort; I just want a win. This team needs to win every time it takes the field, losing never has been and never will be an option. The Cardinals want this to be a rivalry of sorts, well I don't see that every really happening, but the Niners can go right ahead and beat them down this time. Go Niners.

Seven former 49ers are on the 2011 Pro Football Hall of Fame semifinalist list, though only two of them really matter. I doubt Eddie D will make it in any time soon, but it sure would be great. (

Hey guys, the Denver Broncos are really sorry that they taped the 49ers practice and have assured everyone that it probably won't happen again. (

 Bless his soul, Darnell Dockett is doing everything in his power to convince everyone that, yes, this is a real rivalry and yes, you should care about the Arizona Cardinals. Fat chance. Somebody needs to separate these fools from their cell phones, have 'em take a step back and give them a nice "y u mad tho???" In reality, I enjoy the Twitter trash talk immensely.(

Hah, that's a testament to how bad the Cardinals have been this season: the 49ers are favorites going into tonight's game. (

Last year's Monday night victory over Arizona gave all of us a lot of hope, but it ended up being all for naught. That really stings, that one. (

Keep your eye on Troy Smith tonight, as if it will be somewhere else. Considering the fact that this will probably be his last chance, I believe he will try and show a lot of things in this game. (

Here's a Q&A Sam Lam had with a fellow Examiner, their Cardinals writer. (

Mike Singletary wasn't overly concerned when he heard about the Broncos taping the 49ers practice. After all, Singletary is a staunch supporter of looking at the film. (

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