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San Francisco 49ers 14 vs. Arizona Cardinals 3, Gamethread Two

At first, the 49ers were like FRANK GORE and then they were all BRIAN WESTBROOK? And now they're like TROY SMITH and the offensive line was going OFFENSIVE LINE and then Michael Crabtree. Then the Cardinals did some stuff with Beanie Wells on Takeo Spikes that I'm suspicious was wizardry. The Cardinals got a field goal off of that.

Then suddenly ANTHONY DIXON and like, Troy Smith did more stuff. Isn't this great? 49ers march downfield with the help of the play action and good offensive line play. Westbrook got the 49ers to the one-yard line. Moran Norris did nothing, then he did something and ANTHONY DIXON did some more stuff and got a touchdown for the 49ers. Ballin'.

Oh, and Shane Andrus sucks. GO NINERS!