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San Francisco 49ers 21 vs. Arizona Cardinals 6, Halftime Thread

Reggie Smith is a pretty awesome. I am not of the opinion that Mays played badly enough to be benched, but I'm happy with Reggie's play, made a good stop on Wells (or maybe it was Hightower, I was too busy worshipping Andy Lee and his sexiful punt a few plays prior. No really, Andy Lee is the greatest evar.) and is generally playing well. The Cardinals are playing like the 49ers.

TED GINN JR!!! Guy is still a bit too scared for my blood, but he had a couple good punt returns, so I'll stop complaining for a little bit. He hesitated a little bit too much on that first punt return, but it got good yardage. The second one was the highest punt return for him in a 49ers uniform.

Troy Smith is making the throws. Brian Westbrook is doing his thing. The offensive line is being ... OH MY GOD BRIAN WESTBROOK JUST SCORED A TOUCHDOWN AND IT WAS BEAUTIFUL I LOVE YOU BRIAN WESTBROOK HAVE MY BABIES!

Ahem ... Larry Fitzgerald did some stuff and will probably be awarded a ceremonial medal from the Gungan army. The Cardinals got another field goal. Ted Ginn had another good return ... and then Crabtree taketh away, tipping a pass into an interception. OH GOD PANIC, PANIC IN ARIZONA WHAT ARE WE GONNA ... Oh, they punted. lulz.

Shane Andrus still sucks, boosh.