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San Francisco 49ers 24 vs. Arizona Cardinals 6, Gamethread Four

Haven't been able to watch since the half, but watching now. Looks like things have been mostly uneventful, happened to catch a terrible kick from Shane Andrus, reaffirming my belief that he does indeed suck. I don't really know what happened to him, he was good last year and looked good in preseason. I'm told that the 49ers are looking good by some of you, but there's a lot of penalties.

Josh Morgan just ran for a good gain, then Westbrook, then WESTBROOK AGAIN ... some Dixon and some other stuff and ... check that out, Shane Andrus MAKES A FIELD GOAL! Suckas.

Then he follows it with a kickoff to around the 30-yard line and I start crying. Seriously, guy?

Oh man, my favorite 49ers defensive player, Takeo Spikes comes up big with an interception, starts going, flips it back to Nate Clements, who takes it a lot further before falling down wisely. Yessss. It's called back, the return at least, which is absolute trash. Either way, it's still the 49ers ball. Crabtree misses a catch, and Westbrook makes a bunch of runs and takes the 49ers downfield. Heck yes.