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San Francisco 49ers 27, Arizona Cardinals 6: Win, Just Win

Ninjames's Note: Swearing is not allowed in this thread. If you need to insult someone in this thread, call 'em a jive turkey. If you need to swear, return to the previous in-game thread.

That was a good win for us, unless you're of the opinion that the 49ers should be tanking their season. I, on the other hand, watch this teem week-in and week-out to see them play well and win. Troy Smith managed the offense, didn't have the best of days but we got things done on the back of Brian Westbrook. Dude has plenty left, I think. The defense played well, Takeo Spikes had an awesome interception, and Shane Andrus is really, really terrible.

Some random things to note while we wait for Fooch to post a full recap ...

  • Brian Westbrook still has plenty left in the tank. He looked good, which some will say is due to playing the Cardinals, but just looking at his form and his fight, you can tell he's a guy to depend on.
  • Troy Smith may or may not be the future. I'm of the opinion that he deserves another start, some of you might not share that opinion, but it's certainly up for discussion. Keep it civil.
  • Greg Manusky had better look at the film. Specifically, when the Cardinals were marching downfield in the fourth quarter while the 49ers sent a three-man rush, then stalled in the truest sense of the word when they brought four.
  • The commentators never gave this game a chance.
  • Our offensive line has the ability to play at a high level. Looking at the Cardinals pass rush, it has been decent this season. Watching them tonight, they didn't look too bad, their technique was good, but they were consistently beaten by our guys. Considering the absolute spanking they were given to Tampa Bay, who don't have much of a pass rush, I'll take this as a good sign for our line.
  • Andy Lee is sexiful.
  • "Anderson throws down the middle ... somewhere." Fantastic call, true story.
  • Michael Crabtree is the catalyst for Troy Smith's one interception, he had both hands on the ball and lost it. It could have been a better pass, but if we're placing blame, that's 80% Crabtree's fault, 20% Troy's fault.
  • Ted Ginn Jr finally looks a little bit less scared out there. I'm not wholly happy with his performance, but he had some big returns and didn't always bolt for the sideline. Good for you, Teddy.
  • Takeo Spikes.
  • Shane Andrus is, how you say ... not good.

Go Niners.