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Golden Nuggets: Whoops

Whoops, forgot about you guys for a minute there. For about fifty minutes to be exact, as I'm beginning the Nuggets ten minutes before they're supposed to go up. Looks like I'll be a bit late on this one. I guess I already have settled into the bye week mentality. Already used to the idea of no football this week and I spent the entire time celebrating a World Series win, watching a very odd hockey game and catching up on some much needed sleep. I guess the football world is continuing on without me regardless, which means I need to be here with your links for the day and things of that nature. 

Not a lot going on for the Niners right now, as one could expect. We're coming off a good win and most everything right now is focused on injury situations, Troy Smith and of course, Randy Moss. So let's get to your links, enjoy folks.

The 49ers will pass on receiver Randy Moss. They won't be putting in a claim for him, Barrows people seem to think so - and, matter of fact, so do mine. (

How long Troy Smith is the starting quarterback is likely up to him. He'll probably start another game, and it's all on him to prove that he's not a one-hit wonder. That he can play, and deserves to be the starter. (

Frank Gore is up for Fed-Ex Ground Player of the Week, again. So get yourself over there and vote for him, mmkay? Mmkay. (

Here's a quick Q&A with TE Nate Byham regarding the first half of his rookie season. (

The team is excited for the remaining games ... I am too, but I'm not entirely optimistic. Optimism is at an all-time low for me, at this point. (

Smith will probably be starting against the Rams instead of Smith. That's Troy Smith should be penciled in as the starter, perhaps regardless of Alex's health. (

And some would argue that Troy deserves to be the starter. I'm one of them. (

Noted in this article, Vernon Davis says that he's fine, injury and all. He hopes to be ready against the Rams. (

The team made all of the right moves leading up to the game against the Broncos. (

Will update with other stuff shortly.