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49ers Pass On Moss, Merriman

Well that came and went, and the only thing I have to thank for it all is the fact that we had a couple posts on the matter to take up front page space in lieu of writers block. Wide receiver Randy Moss was claimed by the Titans, while Shawne Merriman is headed to Buffalo, lucky him. Buffalo is a lot like San Diego in that ... well ... I really haven't a clue, nor do I have any spare crap I could possibly give regarding the comparison, either way, let's move on.

The 49ers didn't submit any claims, they weren't in on Moss because the Titans were the only team to claim him and they weren't one of the three who put a claim in for Merriman, not that it would have mattered considering the winless Bills are higher on the waiver priority than our Niners. What can I say about it now that this is all done? Would the 49ers be better off with either of these two players?

The short answer is no, they wouldn't. The long answer with a bit more consideration hovers around "it's not likely, probably, I think." Randy Moss wouldn't bring anything to this offense considering the quarterback play. Moss can run one route these days effectively, and it's not one the 49ers can truly exploit. It's possible he gets a game-changing touchdown one time through the next eight weeks, but it's also likely he comes in and thoroughly wrecks up the fragile psyche of this team, right when it just might be making a little progress toward recovery.

Merriman? He could possibly help the team, it's not out of the realm of possibility. But does he really provide anything that the 49ers don't already have? He's a pass-rushing specialist who isn't much for rushing the passer these days. He's got four sacks in his last three seasons and would function in almost exactly the same way as Ahmad Brooks and Travis LaBoy do. He's probably a smarter player, he probably has a higher propensity for making plays on occasion, but he also probably is another sore in the locker room with a much higher complete bust potential.

In short, I'm fine with neither of these guys coming to San Francisco. What do you think?