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Golden Nuggets: Bittersweet Much?

I think that was a pretty good definition of "bittersweet," don't you think? Brian Westbrook came into the game and showed that he can still run hard, he can still make people miss and drag people along if need be. He went for 100+ yards and looked good doing it, but after the game we found that we were losing Frank Gore for the remainder of the season. That just sucks, Gore is the soul of this team and without him, we are surely weaker. Westbrook's play, and to a lesser extent: Anthony Dixon's, remain silver linings.

Outside of that we had a pretty rad breakdown from Cardinals quarterback Derek Anderson. Or so, that's what I'm told - I have yet to watch it, but plan on doing so before the night is through. I'm glad I was able to watch this game. It wasn't always pretty, but it worked out in the end. That's all that matters to me. No losing to get Singletary fired or losing for draft positioning so we can get Andrew Luck (a player I believe is not nearly ready for the NFL), I want to watch the 49ers win every single time they play. Just how it goes. Let's get to your links because I'm absolutely exhausted. Go Niners.

As noted, the 49ers victory came with a heavy price: losing running back Frank Gore for the remainder of the season. That just really sucks, no other way to put it. Stupid hip. | James Brady,

Isn't it kind of crazy that this team is now only one game back in the NFC West race? It's hard to fathom, and with the way this season has gone, I'm not really optimistic, but yeah, pretty crazy. | Samuel Lam,

Odd that I enjoy report card articles more when the 49ers news, just so I can laugh at how nice the beat writers are being to them, when in reality it should be bad grades across the board. The 49ers deserve these grades this time, though. | Matthew Barrows,

The 49ers were amped up going into this game for a lot of reasons. The rivalry with the Cardinals was one of them, and the fact that it was a primetime game on the national stage meant plenty as well. They took advantage of these things to go out there, play a good game and get a very emotional win to keep themselves in this thing. | Matt Maiocco,

49ers Run Wild in Arizona ... you know, I enjoy the Niners website immensely, but it's so hard to do so when they're not winning. Good to see some positive recaps going around. | Taylor Price,

The blowup from Derek Anderson is a little saddening, but still pretty funny. I don't like to see people fail at doing what they love to do, but I can't help but laugh at this Dennis Green-esque tirade. |

Hah, I get it! They said "back in the running," in this article. That's pretty funny! Also, some general notes and news, bit of a recap - you get the deal. | David White,

Offensive tackle Anthony Davis put on his big boy pants tonight. The Cardinals are not a total joke and do actually have some semblance of pass rush, which Davis dealt with handily. | David White,

49ers can't get too high after this win, what with the injuries and the fact that it was only the Cardinals. While I agree, a win is a win, I'll enjoy it, and I hope these players can enjoy it as well. |

Did the 49ers play particularly well, or did the Cardinals just make this team look good? I'm inclined to believe it's a little bit of both. Our guys executed the way they were supposed to, but Arizona declined to fight back. | Tim Kawakami,

Well look at that, the fantasy experts are already out there: Brian Westbrook needs to be added in all leagues. Go figure. | Michael Fabiano,

I think I mentioned this in the offseason, much to the chagrin of the folks at Revenge of the Birds, but ... at least we're not the Arizona Cardinals, right? | Gregg Rosenthal,

With Gore out, the 49ers will need to lean on Brian Westbrook for support. Will he be able to stay healthy? Let Westbrook Watch begin on the injury front. | Matt Maiocco,

Let's finish up with another report card, this one I agree with on all accounts. Maybe the special teams grade deserves a minus when you factor in Andrus's kickoffs on top of the missed field goals. | Eric Branch,

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