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Golden Nuggets: Sleep Is Good ... Too Good

Sleep is basically the greatest thing on the planet. The first thing I think about when I wake up is "When do I get to sleep again?" I find it pretty absurd that I wake up at 5:10 a.m. and think that I've slept in far too long. The Nuggets have screwed up my schedule pretty bad this last year or two. Oh well, I wouldn't have it any other way. Unless one of the other ways involved me making some money. Maybe I'll open up a "Feed Ninjames," Paypal donation account. That would probably get like ... one donation.

Oh, you wanted tangible 49ers news? I guess I can oblige with some linkage. There's nothing really going on, the team didn't go for Moss or Merriman, much to my eternal elation. Beyond that, yeah ... let's just get to the links because I'm late.

A couple of pro-49ers stadium guys were elected in Santa Clara. I suppose that's a definite positive. I love the way the new stadium "looks," but it's a bit bittersweet for me, because I know I'll have to cancel my season tickets once the place goes up. (

Here's a really good piece about Alex Smith, Troy Smith, and leadership qualities among the two. (

Could the Giants world series crown build inspiration for the 49ers? That would be awesome. I still can't believe that the World Series happened. Waiting to wake up. (

Troy Smith has impressed Mike Singletary. He impressed me, too, though I'm not exactly feeling great about the quarterback position all of the sudden. (

How about some midseason grades and a Q&A? Good points made by Lam in this piece, but I think he's being far too generous with these grades, for the most part. (

There's some kind of increase in ticket pricing that the team is shooting for next season. Good to hear my cheap seats are staying the same, though. Just in case any of you don't know, I firmly believe that the cheap seats are the best spots in Candlestick to watch the game. (

This would be a great piece on offensive lineman David Baas if he actually, you know, played the center position well. (

Here's a short Q&A with linebacker Ahmad Brooks regarding the first half of the season. (

Why the NFC West passed on Randy Moss. (

Something or other about deals and Facebook. Didn't really interest me so I skimmed it. (

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