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Is Troy Smith Mike Singletary's Last Chance?

As the season got rolling, we had a lot of discussion about the quarterback situation and Mike Singletary's decision to start Alex Smith. Once the team got to losing a little, we talked a lot about how his job security was directly linked to how Alex does. The team didn't look for any other options at the position, and Smith had glowing endorsements from Singletary and Co. Once the offense underperformed, Singletary let go offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye to deflect some of the blame. Now, he's been throwing out his endorsements for Troy Smith while taking subtle shots at Alex Smith.

I don't buy that Alex wasn't a good leader, I don't buy that he couldn't keep the offense focused. I just think he's not that good of a quarterback. Singletary has recently said that the offense's lack of production was due to the lack of leadership for the unit, and again, I think that's total bull when it all comes down to it. But, that's what you have to do when you're in his position, deflect blame and endorse Troy Smith.

I'd say Singletary is now attached at the hip to Troy Smith. Singletary has effectively blamed everyone he can, not that there's a problem with that. Alex Smith deserves a lot of blame, definitely. Probably the most blame, outside of perhaps Jimmy Raye. But is this it for the former pro bowl linebacker? If Troy Smith crashes and burns, who else can he blame? Is he done after this? I cannot see him going back to Alex after gently snubbing him on air. Let's all hope Troy Smith is a good leader, yeah?