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A World Where 20 Hot Dogs Equals Roughly A Nickel

We've had numerous sponsors here at Niners Nation, but this is the first that I feel inspired a reference to Harry Caray, as played by Will Ferrell (watch the video starting at the 1:00 minute mark). I'd have embedded the video but they've removed the html. For shame for shame. How many people here have eaten at Sonic? I'll be honest, I've never actually had anything from Sonic so I can't really judge them.

But as for what this post is all about? Well, we're talking about team hot dogs. Who enjoys showing off a bit in some way or other whether it be mid-play or after a big play. I suppose the worst example of hot dogging would be Dre Bly's play last year when Dre was just being Dre. However, I'd say hot-dogging can extend to celebrating after the play is over.

It's really quite simple to pick out team hot dogs in football. And on the 49ers, a team filled with shall we say "vibrant" personalities, there are some simple choices. On offense, Michael Crabtree and Vernon Davis seem to be setting the curve for enjoying themselves after big plays. Vernon Davis has always been a smack talker, and after big scores he jumps around and has a good old time. After big first downs he has no trouble giving the first down sign.

Michael Crabtree is midway through only his second season in the NFL, but you can see he enjoys celebrating a good play as much as the next person. Neither he nor Davis is really a "dancer" in the mold of a TO or someone like that, but they enjoy a good celebration after scoring as much as the next person.

On defense, the two biggest hot doggers would probably be Takeo Spikes and Nate Clements. Spikes does some of the most ridiculous looking, while still entertaining dances after big tackles. Nate Clements rolls with his X sign after any sort of play. Even if he just bats down a pass we usually see the X.

We hear a lot from people who believe in the idea of people acting like you've been there before after making a big play. On the 49ers, Frank Gore will certainly enjoy his touchdowns, but he doesn't seem to celebrate quite like some other folks on the 49ers and around the league. It's not quite the Barry Sanders "hand the ball back to the ref" but it's not over the top dancing.

In looking to be entertained during a football game, do you take issue with players that get into the celebration and would prefer players just act like they've been there before? Or do you fall into the group that is looking for simple entertainment and consider the celebrations part of that entertainment? I'd imagine a lot of people fall in the middle to the group that is fine with celebrations but not when you're losing. That's my view on it.

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