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Rams Favored to Win NFC West, 49ers Drop Considerably

The St. Louis Rams are the favorite to win the NFC West, at least according to AccuScore. The Rams began the season with a paltry 2% chance of winning the division crown and a 3% chance to make some sort of playoff berth. Our San Francisco 49ers sat at 66% when the season began when it came to the NFC West crown, and 69% when it came to a general playoff berth.

Now the Rams are favored to take the division at 40%, with a 41% chance of making a general playoff berth. The 49ers, however, dropped down from the aforementioned 66% of taking the division to a 21% chance. Ouch. Our Niners are projected to win six games total, while St. Louis, despite their chances at a playoff berth, are projected to win only eight overall.

What do you think about this? Is it justified, should the Rams be the favorite in the division? Is 21% something you'll take at this point? It actually comes off as a bit generous, to me. I still, for some reason, believe in this team, but it seems like a much bigger crapshoot than 21%, that's for sure. I also think it's pretty crazy to think the Rams can win four of their next eight considering their schedule. After all, they're going to be losing next week, no?