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Caption This!

With the 49ers taking their bye this week, the SBN/AP photo database is sorely lacking in new 49ers photos. So rather than rehash the victory over the Broncos in this week's installment, it seemed like a good opportunity to branch out across the rest of the NFL.

During any particular week, there are any number of humorous stories littering NFL locker rooms. This week, one of the most amusing had to be the saga of Randy Moss. Unfortunately for all of us, Moss is actually one hell of a photogenic guy. He's perfectly relaxed and smiling in almost every single candid shot available. The best we could do if I pulled one of those pictures would end up being: "Pictured above, that surprisingly attractive and charismatic Randy Moss fellow." It's almost sickening.

So instead of making fun of Randy Moss, let's get festive. Halloween was just around the corner (I'm hoping that this is the first recorded time that phrase has been used to describe an event from the past), and there is never a shortage of good images that come out of Halloween. As we all know, Halloween means two things: funny costumes, and sexy costumes. I figured that we're good enough at captions to provide the funny, so I slapped the sexiest image I could find in this post just to maintain the balance. Have at it.

Remember: Use the comments to provide your caption, and rec' the ones you like the most. I was the winner last week, but it was a pretty quiet thread for rec's overall. Let's see some real rec' action this week and get a real race going.

Your Caption Here!