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Golden Nuggets: No Game Tomorrow?

What do you mean there's no game tomorrow? It's Saturday, there's always a game tomorrow ... oh, you mean other teams not named the 49ers are playing? Yeah ... I really don't care. Honestly, spin it any way you want, you can say I'm not a big fan of football in general if you want, but if the 49ers aren't playing, I'm just not all that interested. I'll get excited for a particular game, and then find myself unable to sit for the entirety of that game and care. If it's not a very close one, then I won't watch at all. I'm picky, I suppose. 

Once again, I'm going to go ahead and plug the 49ers Tweet-Bag from this week and encourage all of you to read it, comment on it and submit questions for the upcoming iteration by tagging your posts with it as the instructions in the article state. Aside from that, plenty of quality content coming up today, so read through these links and prep your brains for some delicious 49ers commentary while we suffer through a bye week. At least we can't lose this week. Go Niners!

How about some midseason grades? It's kind of an odd feeling, when I look these over. I note how good some of these people have played, and then I remember our record. I also disagree with the Justin Smith being the most valued older player, Spikes should get that, he's been the team's best linebacker for the most part. (

The Yorks are supporting head coach Mike Singletary, "as much as they can," that is. I wonder how much that is, honestly. (

Here's a bit of a midseason recap for the 49ers as per Maiocco. It's a good read, I'm going to prepare a rather ... humorous one of my own for the near future. (

After the bye week, what have we got? A potential quarterback controversy? The team would like to avoid that, so, if you can, just go ahead and win this next game in dominating fashion, mmkay Troy? (

The NFL set down fines for Manny Lawson and Ahmad Brooks for hits on Kyle Orton. He's a big boy, he'd have been fine through all this if he didn't shave the beard. Foolish, foolish person. (

Huh. I wouldn't have thought that the 49ers would have the second least amount of offensive line penalties within the division. That's pretty cool, I suppose! (

Our 49ers absolutely need to come back with a strong second half of play. In individual games and overall, lest we end up even worse. I don't care what anybody says about losing out for draft position, I never, ever want this team to lose under any circumstances. (

Jerry Rice topped the list of NFL Network's Greatest 100 Players. I'm a little biased, but I agree heavily. If you'd like me to state why, go ahead and comment and I'll serve you up something nice. (

Jim Tressel helped Troy Smith get the start against the Broncos. Well, thank you, Mr. Tressel, because David Carr is only a cut above an injured Alex Smith. (

Lawson Puts Team First (

First Half Reflections: Delanie Walker (

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