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Golden Nuggets: Bye Week? Bleh.

Good morning folks. So we've reached a gameday without a game to watch. I'm sure you all will find some other such NFL game to watch, but I myself will be watching the Sharks game from last night and then the Warriors later today ... will mix in some tennis matches I need to catch up on as well. I honestly couldn't even tell you one game that's going on this week other than Raiders/Chiefs. That me be a game I tune in and watch if my cable is actually operational, don't care enough to grab a stream of it. But enough about me, let's talk about you.

... See? I paused, giving you time to respond, thus making this a conversation. Oh? You weren't done talking? Yeah, I don't care, suckas. There's not many 49ers links to work with today, not a whole lot of tangible news going on right now. I feel like everything is out of the coach's hands at this point. I honestly feel like everyone is crossing their fingers and hoping Troy Smith can play well. If he can't, we lose. If he can, we have a good shot at winning. Let's hope he can, just like the coaches are right now. Enjoy the linkage, folks.

There is some rooting interest today, as the Cardinals and Seahawks are both playing. Let's hope they can pick up some losses and keep the faith alive. (

Here's Sando's latest mailbag piece, with a couple questions about the 49ers. Maybe just one, even, because I don't really have time to read it right now. (

Plenty of reason for some 49ers optimism, but as Barrows notes, plenty reason to be skeptical as well. More reason to be skeptical, in fact. This team should control its own destiny, not have to hope for losses for the other three teams in the division. (

Why not, another halfway point piece, just a general look at where the 49ers stand at this point. It's not great, that's for sure. Sure must be hard to stand on the bloody stump that is their feet. (

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