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49ers QB Troy Smith = Sharks QB Steamin Willie Beamen?

I'm fairly certain I've seen mentions of this here at NN before but I thought it was worth one more mention. If you haven't seen Any Given Sunday, one of the main characters is Sharks backup QB Willie Beamen, played by Jamie Foxx. Beamen gets thrust into the starting lineup after an injury to the starting QB (played by Dennis Quaid) and proceeds to help guide the Sharks to the Pantheon Cup Championship Game while becoming the big man around town.

I mention all this in part because I've now heard two separate mentions of this character in relation to QB Troy Smith by 49ers players. On November 1, Takeo Spikes made a brief mention via Twitter. Then, last night I was watching some of the NBC sports wrap-up show with Raj Mathai and it happened again. Vernon Davis was Mathai's guest anchor and at one point during a quick run of Smith highlights Davis started singing the song from Willie Beamen's commercial in the movie.

Given that inspiration it was only right for me to load up the commercial for all to see. It's a catchy little tune, although I don't think we'll see Troy Smith singing it anytime soon. It's a shame Smith doesn't really rhyme with anything. Steamin Willie Beamen is really a quality name.

VIDEO: NSFW (language, brief nudity)