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Golden Nuggets: Not A Lot Today

Well, I suppose yesterday was a relatively productive day in 49erland. The Seahawks were thoroughly dominated, at least according to the final score. The Cardinals lost what appears to be a close game against the struggling Vikings. So all is good in that regard, the 49ers can hang on just a little longer. Perhaps a lot longer, that would be rad ... either way, the Warriors lost yesterday, which is not at all rad. In other, less pertinent news, the new Machinae Supremacy CD is totally rockin' and I can't stop jamming. I'm actually late getting to the nuggets because I got into a serious thing and forgot about writing. Fallout may have had something to do with it as well.

Anyway, we didn't have a ton yesterday in regards to front page posting. I have writers block, Fooch was busy watching Anchorman, my Facebook feed would have me believe. Tre9er was huddled in a corner somewhere muttering incomprehensible, and the rest of the guys aren't important enough to be mentioned right here. Except for howtheyscored. Pretty cool guy.  But today we've got some stuff for you, now that we're officially entering a gameweek. Enjoy the links, though I daresay there aren't that many.

In case you missed it, here's some midseason awards for the 49ers and a midseason report per Branch. (

Here's some more film review from the Broncos game, albeit a bit late. (

The 49ers, miraculously, still have playoff hopes even at 2-6. They're not large hopes, they don't have an entirely large amount of substance to them, but there are hopes there, somewhere. (

This is apparently a video with Jed York talking, which means I didn't watch it for fear of going into a white-hot rage and launching a tri-state killing spree. I think Jed will be a good little executive some day, I actually see a lot about a great business man in him, but good Lord he just annoys the crap out of me these days. (

Sando dives into the almost-impossible task of sifting through the problems in the NFC West. Godspeed, Mike, Godspeed. (