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Report: Wade Phillips Fired, OC Jason Garrett Promoted

Our friends over at Blogging the Boys are reporting news reports indicate Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has fired head coach Wade Phillips and replaced him with offensive coordinator Jason Garrett. So much for "He's my coach the rest of the season." A nationally televise butt whupping can change opinions. It hasn't been confirmed by the Cowboys officially, but ESPN is indicating that Chris Mortensen and Ed Werder confirmed the story.

I realize this is a Cowboys story and we're a 49ers site, but as a duly organized 49ers site it is our duty to enjoy the sufferings of the Cowgirls. I suppose those in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, but I'd say the 49ers glass house was shattered a while back. So, in the meantime, why don't we enjoy the misery of another team for once, particularly when it's a sometimes arch rival (can't call them that when both teams are struggling)? The Cowboys season has been as big a debacle as the 49ers season, if not bigger. I believe they say everything's bigger in Texas, so naturally this will be getting lots of coverage.

We'll see if this is the first domino that starts any sort of chain reaction of firings, or if it's just an isolated firing. There has been some bad coaching this year so it would seem that more firings might be coming.