Alex Smith slams Singletary, says QB's and linebackers have "different views" of what leadership is


Alex Smith punched back today during press availability against Mike Singletary's claim that Smith wasn't exerting leadership on the field.

Said Barrows on Twitter: Alex Smith says quarterbacks and middle linebackers (read: Mike Singletary) have different views of what leadership is.

He and I have different views on leadership," Smith said. "And I think that even goes back to the core of offense and defense - very different things. You know, being a middle linebacker and what leadership is and being a quarterback are different things. Executing on offense and executing on the defensive side of the ball are very different things. It's a different mindset in my opinion. We've talked a lot. I mean, over the last couple of years we've always talked. He's pretty open about that."

Barrows later tweeted that Smith "had to defend himself; wasn't antagonistic about it," but it is clear there is a rift that has opened between Singletary and his former #1 man.

Before the game in London, Mike Singletary tossed Alex Smith under the bus telling the CBS crew calling the game, in a pre-game interview, that Troy Smith had exhibited leadership that Smith hadn't.

"What I meant by that was the quarterback position, to me, is a position that you may have a great arm, may have a great mind, may have great feet, but leadership is the ability to bring the entire offense together, knowing there are going to be times that you're going to have setbacks," Singletary said.

"To me, it's very important that the quarterback understands that's his role."

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