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Golden Nuggets: Imitation Highest Form of Flattery?

Hey there all, it's me again trying to make sure there are some links up for the early risers and those of us on the East Coast (why did I capitalize that?). As the title suggests, they say imitation is the highest form of flattery though I don't think James is gonna take it that way. In fact, he might just show up at my door and hit me over the head with a laptop...and he's tall enough to hit me OVER the know, because he'd be swinging downward from way up there?

Yeah, so that was my best attempt to wrap a bunch of text around the Golden Nuggets image that I'm hoping I can actually find this time. In the meantime though I suppose I'll work on finding the links and chucking them into this post for your viewing enjoyment.

Alex Smith gives his ideas of what a good leader is and they aren't exactly the same as those Singletary might have. [Branch - Press Democrat]

CSN Bay Area has some videos, including some of the comments made famous yesterday by a few guys named "Smith"

Also from Maiocco, Alex Smith vows to help Troy-of-the-same-last-name rather than try to spurn him...that's cool.

Matt Barrows weighs in on Alex Smith and his views of leadership and middle-linebacking too.

Since the 49ers were part of the frontier movement, Barrows also weighs in on "How the West Will Be Won"

Sam Lam gives his spin on, well, the only really newsworthy item of the day yesterday too.