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49ers-Rams: AccuScore: Niners Favored To Take It

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Last week, I had this post discussing some AccuScore predictions regarding the NFC West. The Rams were favored to take the division, the 49ers dropped considerably, and that's the gist of things. Going into Sunday's game in which our Niners are hosting the Rams, however, the 49ers are heavy favorites in the AccuScore numbers.

Our 49ers are favored by 71% to win the game over the division-favorite Rams. A big game from Frank Gore against the Broncos is cited as the main reason, but they will be facing a tough front against the run, although they haven't exactly been going up against the strongest of running backs of late. If Frank Gore has 100+ yards, the chances go up to 88% that the Niners take it.

If the Rams hold Gore to under 100 yards, the numbers say the Rams will then have a 44% chance to come out with a win, which I agree with. Actually, I'd personally give them quite a bit more than a 44% chance, unless we're seeing a heavy dose of Brian Westbrook or Anthony Dixon. If Sam Bradford doesn't throw an interception AND they hold Frank to under 100 yards, the Rams chances increase to 57%. Just throwing some more out there, for you.

The 49ers have a 21% chance to win the division, according to AccuScore, and the Cardinals have a higher chance with Derek Anderson starting than they did with Max Hall. Our Niners have a .3% higher chance of winning the division than the Cardinals do, wooh! The Rams are still favored to take it all, however - and why not? They're in first place ... but the 49ers have only played one division game thus far. So who knows?

I find it pretty great that the 49ers are favored to win this, I think it's rightly so, though. The Rams have always played the Niners hard, and I expect it to continue, but I think the 49ers match-up well and will win most of the individual battles, coupled with a strong performance from Smith; that's Troy, not Alex.

I've always found AccuScore to be an interesting resource. Of course things are totally unpredictable and to make an attempt almost feels futile, but they're amusing to read and they take an awful lot into consideration when making said predictions. If you want to check out the full site and possibly subscribe, the link is here.