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CB Al Harris Clears Waivers: Should 49ers Try To Sign Him?

National Football Post (partnering with SB Nation now if you didn't know) is reporting that CB Al Harris has cleared waivers and is now a free agent. According to NFP, the veteran defensive back is apparently in negotiations with multiple teams, although none were revealed. Harris is recovering from a torn ACL suffered last season and had been on the Green Bay Packers PUP list up until now.

Harris has stated he's ready to pass a physical at this point and contribute as a nickel back. The 49ers currently roll out the likes of Will James and Tarell Brown as their primary backup cornerbacks behind Shawntae Spencer and Nate Clements. Neither has really shaken up the world at this point. Of course it remains to be seen whether Al Harris would really make any difference at this point.

Should the 49ers stick with the guys they have, or would it be wise to try and work out an incentive-laden contract with Al Harris? Of course, who knows whether he'd actually sign with the 2-6 49ers. I'd imagine that he'll be looking for a winning team at this point in his career. Even if some of us think the 49ers will still make the playoffs, the perception of the team at this point can't be all that great among free agents.

Also, I realize we had a discussion post about this yesterday, but the circumstances have changed given his now free agent status.