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Golden Nuggets: Nooo, Ziggy!

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Well, Dominique Zeigler is gone, and with him, my desire to write the Nuggets tonight. The 49ers won and I am grateful, but I am not pleased with the injuries we face as a team. I don't know how much faith I actually have regarding our ability to win the division, but I can tell you it's not a lot. Had we beaten Tampa Bay, I'd be singing a different tune. Up next we've got the Packers, anybody have any idea how we're to win? I ask because I'm supposed to take a look at the game today for SBNBA and I haven't the foggiest idea.

Perhaps you've all caught me in a foul mood. It's not been a great night, perhaps I'll go watch some highlights from the 49ers destroying the Cardinals again. That always cheers me up when my favorite players get hurt and two of my teams lose on the same day.

Frankly, I'm not totally sold on Brian Westbrook's injury concerns being as big a liability as people are making them out to be. I think, as long as he's doing fine, we need not worry about limiting his carries so much. (

Both Frank Gore and Dominique Zeigler were placed on injured reserve. Feels bad, man. (

Mike Singletary appreciates the passion of the 49ers. I do too, keep it up boys. (

It will be a running back by committee, not just Brian Westbrook. Anthony Dixon will be in on it as well. (

All of the discussion is about life after Frank Gore. I'm not optimistic. (

Joe Nedney will be kicking again. Good. (

DeShawn Wynn and Chris Maragos were promoted to the active roster. I like Maragos. (

Brian Westbrook is up for FedEx Ground Player of the Week (

Being a Sheep

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