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Caption This!

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Your Caption Here!
Your Caption Here!

Caption This! puts me in a funny position sometimes. As it turns out, there are not always inherently funny pictures available for use. Some weeks, I'll feel guilty that I'm asking you to have fun with a picture that is, realistically, only going to register a 3.7 on the Andy Richter scale. I feel like a stand-up comic trying to work a room with my B material. I have to resort to canned setups and lazy puns*.

I don't have that guilt this week. I think that this week's photo is honest to goodness comedy gold. I don't even really want to set it up. It's that good. Just look at it. In fact, I won't set it up**. I'll just let you guys loose.

Of course, you all know the deal by now. Use the comments to provide your captions and rec' your favorite ones. Last week's rec' winner was tanos135 by a hair over LondonNiner. The rec' counts were huge, closing in on 20 for both participants. Can we break that magic number this week?

*"Andy Richter scale" doesn't count. That's totally my A material.

**Also, I'm lazy.