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Golden Nuggets: Let's Go, RJF!

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Good morning everyone, hope all is going well with you folks ... Seems some people aren't clear on what my particular stance is regarding winning or losing games. While good draft position would be nice, I am of the opinion that every time this team is out there, they should be winning football games. Every single week, they should win. That's how I see it, at least. I pour my heart and soul into being a fan for this team for at the very least, sixteen games a season. I want sixteen wins, every single year. Failing to get that, I want as many as possible. Anyway, it looks as though we'll see Ricky Jean Francois in action on Sunday, which to me is a positive. I'll always love Ricky for the simple reason that he randomly blocked my brother on Twitter. Just totally blocked him for no reason at all. Awesome.

Aubrayo Franklin is questionable for Sunday's game. It always sucks to lose a good player, but I really, really want to see Ricky Jean Francois in action against starters. (

Alex Smith is ready for his return. I sincerely hope so, he'll need to be after the beating Seattle gave us in week one. (

At least one person believes in Alex: himself. I hear Singletary does, as well. I'm not sure I do, but I'll be rooting for him come gameday. (

Dana Stubblefield was jailed for mail theft. How the mighty have fallen. (

Mike Johnson says that Alex Smith has tremendous knowledge. I totally agree with him, and in my opinion, it's Alex's strongest asset. (

The battle of "Beast Mode's?" Personally, I used to consider Vernon Davis as a beast mode guy long before I ever heard Marshawn Lynch say it. (

Here is Maiocco's latest chat transcript. (

The key to the 49ers defense, or any 3-4 defense, is the nose tackle position. So the key to the 49ers defense will be Ricky Jean Francois come Sunday. (

Hah. The 49ers are favored yet again to win against the Seahawks. It's almost absurd. (

Josh's Journal: Staying Positive (

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