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49ers Injury Report: Seahawks Receiving Alternatives

The San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks released their final injury reports for the week and Mike Singletary took some time to speak with the media. Singletary's press conference didn't reveal much aside from Aubrayo Franklin being questionable and Ricky Jean-Francois potentially getting more playing time. As usual he was a bit vague on that.

The biggest injuries for the Seahawks are among their wide receivers, with Mike Williams and Ben Obomanu sitting out the entire week of practice. Williams was their leading receiver, while Deon Butler and Deion Branch caught the team's two touchdowns. Williams has remained the leading receiver, while Obomanu is second in receiving yards and first in touchdown receptions.

If both of these guys are out, or even if just Williams is out (as Pete Carroll is thinking), I'd imagine Deon Butler and John Carlson will be the two guys to keep an eye on when Sunday rolls around. Carlson has regressed a bit this season but is certainly capable of stepping up his game. It will be interesting to see who on the 49ers gets the TE assignment, or if it's spread around. i've noticed Takeo Spikes covering tight ends and running backs a bit more frequently. Takeo is having a very solid year, but I'm always concerned when I see him in coverage. Marshawn Lynch has also been fairly decent in the receiving game lately and might be a guy who could take advantage of a matchup with Spikes.

I've posted the injury report and Coach Singletary's transcript after the jump...

OT Joe Staley (fibula)
Joe Nedney (right knee)

CB William James (concussion)
RB DeShawn Wynn (ankle)

CB William James (concussion)
CB Nate Clements (knee)
NT Aubrayo Franklin (groin)
LB Parys Haralson (ankle)

T Anthony Davis (back)
WR Josh Morgan (shoulder)
CB Shawntae Spencer (quadricep)
LB Takeo Spikes (ankle)
TE Delanie Walker (ankle)
RB Brian Westbrook (not injury related)


OT Chester Pitts (ankle)

WR Ben Obomanu (hand)
WR Mike Williams (ankle)

TE John Carlson (hip)
DE Chris Clemons (ankle)
DT Colin Cole (ankle)
QB Matt Hasselbeck (left wrist)
CB Roy Lewis (knee)
LB Matt McCoy (head)
LB Lofa Tatupu (knee)

Head Coach Mike Singletary
December 10, 2010
San Francisco 49ers 

Listen to Audio I Media Center

On whether NT Aubrayo Franklin will be available for Sunday's game against Seattle:

"Day-to-day I think is about where we're at, questionable."

On whether he expects DT Ricky Jean Francois to play more than usual, even if Franklin is healthy:

"We'll just have to see how it goes. I mean, between now and Sunday, there's a lot of good things that happen. We'll see."

On his assessment of the 49ers rookie offensive linemen at this point in the season:

"They've done a nice job. I think they've been a really good, bright spot on the offensive line. I think they've continued to progress. They paid their dues early on and it shows. I think even [tackle Anthony] Davis, I mean he continues to work. I thought he did an excellent job in the Green Bay game doing some of the things that he needs to do. But they're both still a work in progress, but I think they've done a nice job."

On whether he had any concerns about those rookie offensive linemen hitting the so-called "rookie wall":

"Well more so than the stamina and endurance, there were times during the season we didn't have time to hit a wall; they really didn't. It was just a matter of, I think so many things were happening, the constant changes, we didn't have time to look around and be tired or hit a wall. We just didn't."

On what clicked for Davis, given that he has improved in recent games:

"I think sometimes it's just a matter of continued growth. I think when you have a coach like [offensive line coach] Mike Solari and [assistant offensive line coach] Ray Brown, I think at some point in time that light's going to go on. And I just think that's basically what happened. You do so many things and the muscle memory kicks in, you're understanding kicks in and, low and behold, you're getting it and it's automatic instead of you having to think through everything."

On whether Seattle is a difficult team to prepare for, given they have had various players carry them offensively:

"You know what, I would just say this; I think Seattle is a team that, you know, they've continued to evolve during the year and I just kind of think it's by the nature the way they've been built. And I think they've done a nice job and I think right now for us it's just a matter of going out there and being prepared for whoever that featured guy is."

On what having K Jeff Reed in practice offers him in terms of a comfort level and whether it affects his abilities to make game-time decisions about him:

"The more you know about someone obviously the better decisions you can make. You know, both [special teams coordinator] coach Schottenheimer and myself were watching him during the week. It's obviously been a good thing. So developing the comfort zone; the more you see the better it gets." 

On whether he checks out his kicker's range and the weather conditions before games:

"Unless it's a bit windy or unless there's rain or something like that. If [kicker] Joe Nedney had not been hurt at all, I know what the range is. If it's a nice day, no I don't need to do that. But if the weather's different and affects the kicking then I need to see it to have that comfort zone in myself and go from there."

On whether he has a grasp on what Reed can do:

"Pretty, pretty decent; pretty decent grasp."

On whether Sunday's game against Seattle is the type of game that he doesn't need to motivate his players for and whether they know what is at stake:

"Yes it is. They absolutely know what's at stake. You know, it's a division game and it gives us the opportunity to stay in the hunt. That's all you can ask for:

On whether he uses teams from the past as examples for motivation, such as the 2008 Chargers who were 4-8 then won their final four games to make the playoffs:

"You know what, I think our guys are aware of that. When you talk about possibilities and things like that, it's just a matter of knowing that in the last two or three years there are teams that were 8-8, whether they were a Wild Card or whether it was San Diego that made it happen. And I think our guys understand that."

On whether he will take a look at the score of the Rams game during the 49ers game against the Seahawks on Sunday:

"I don't even think about that. I mean we're there to try and win a game ourselves and if we don't do what we need to do, you don't need to look at the board. There's only one game in my mind on Sunday and that's the game we have with Seattle. Nothing else really matters, whether the Rams win or lose."

On whether week 1 of this season seems like more than three months ago when he looks back on it:

"It does seem like it was a while ago. So, yeah, it seems like it was a while ago."