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Golden Nuggets: Not A Lot

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Good morning everyone, Ninjames here. It's a rather short night for me, I'm a little less-than-able to provide you with as much valuable insight as you obviously expect, but I'll still have plenty of links for you to talk about and discuss. Don't forget that the Golden Nuggets serve as your daily link dump to discuss whatever it is you want to. We encourage 49ers discussion as much as we possibly can, but if you have something that is generally NFL rated you can discuss it here. In fact, consider this an "open topic" of sorts. As I've said, we want to talk about our team as much as possible but if we can't, we can use the Nuggets each day for a kind of discussion on almost anything else. Either way, let's get to your links because I sorely need some sleep.

Is this the worst division ever? I can't cite anybody in particular, but I don't think it is. Maybe. It's in the running, that's for sure. (

I am not looking forward to listening to Brian Billick commentate again. I didn't anticipate that he'd be a good commentator, but I don't think he's a bad coach. I wouldn't be opposed to Billick being the head coach, but I think his ideals as far as a lot of things go are rather .... infantile. (

I hope the importance of Sunday's game isn't lost on the 49ers - and I doubt it is - the 49ers should know that they're facing elimination. Everybody's job should be on the line. (

I've been pleased with offensive tackle Anthony Davis of late. He hasn't been lockdown this season, but he's given us reason to be excited about the offensive line going forward. (

He's on a two-game hot streak, which needs to continue for his increased development. Young guys need confidence above all. (

Brian Billick says it makes sense for the 49ers to use the spread. Duh. (

And also that the NFC West shouldn't be allowed a home game. Or even the playoffs. Great. Fantastic. (

Here's a pro bowl update regarding the 49ers players. (

Why not take a look at some matchups to watch for tomorrow's game? (

Teams Talk: Lee On Seattle (

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