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Sunday Morning Bloody Mary: Brian Billick And The 49ers

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This week will mark the second straight game Brian Billick will be handling color commentary for the 49ers. Last week he had plenty to say about the 49ers against the Packers and I'd imagine he'll have plenty more to say later this afternoon. As part of his prep work he spoke with the local media, all of whom posted a variety of comments from former Coach Billick:

Matt Barrows
Matt Maiocco
Eric Branch

This might be his last game covering the 49ers given their remaining schedule, so I think we definitely need to pay close attention to his comments. He is critical of the team in certain respects, but you have to think he's intrigued by the head coach job here. He won't say it at this point because he has too much respect for Mike Singletary as a person, but he has to be interested.

Given that, I'm thinking that I'm going to use my DVR'd version of this game to try and break down Billick's comments to see what we can infer. He's not exactly speaking in code, but one has to imagine there is some coach-speak mixed in there that we can break down. I know some folks think nobody will want the 49ers job, but I disagree. I think the money will be there, and I think there is enough talent in place that it's an appealing option.