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NFL Schedule Week 14: AM Open Thread

Fooch's Note: Don't forget to get your Week 14 predictions in today. If you miss the morning games, you can still pick later games.

The 49ers kick things off at 1:05pm pacific time, which means we get to enjoy some AM football in the meantime. Not quite like having a Monday Night game, but it's a chance to not think about the 49ers for a bit. Thanks to Edggy for posting the Week 14 Coverage Map. Week 14 of the NFL schedule is right in the thick of the playoff chase, but also marks the beginning of fantasy football playoffs for most folks.

This morning isn't filled with a lot of exciting games, but there are some intriguing matchups, and several with playoff implications. The two most interesting would have to be Raiders-Jaguars and Redskins-Buccaneers.

Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Oakland Raiders
This game is huge for both teams. Oakland is 6-6 and two games back of Kansas City in the AFC West. The Chiefs are facing the Chargers down in San Diego so this is a perfect chance for the Raiders to gain a game on the Chiefs. Oakland and KC square off week 17, so every win is going to be huge for the Raiders. After an impressive three-game winning streak, the Raiders fell on their face getting blown out by Pittsburgh and easily handled by Miami. However, they bounced back with a monstrous road win at San Diego. This game is a must-win for the Raiders if they want to win the AFC West.

Jacksonville needs this game to maintain their one game lead on the Colts. The Jaguars still have to travel to Indianapolis next week. If they lose at Indy, Jacksonville will be tied with the Colts, have split head to head, and have the same divisional record. It's safe to say the AFC South will come down to the wire.

Washington Redskins vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
I actually don't think either of these teams will make the playoffs given the competitive nature of their divisions and the wild card race. However, I think this could still be an entertaining game, and also wildly unpredictable. Each team is capable of great play and horrible play, all in a matter of a single game. If you are getting this game in your region, I'd say watch it just for the unpredictability.