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49ers vs. Seahawks: 49ers Capitalize On Seattle Miscues In Dominant 40-21 victory

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Well, I can't imagine anybody expected that result. While I did think the 49ers could beat the Seahawks today, I did not see a 40-21 beatdown quite like this. The Seahawks got a late touchdown that might have ended Deon Butler's season, but the game was never close after the first quarter.

One of the big keys to this game was the 49ers being able to capitalize on Seahawks mistakes. The Seahawks had three turnovers in the first half that led to thirteen points, and followed that up with another two turnovers in the second half including a pick-six by safety Dashon Goldson. Alex Smith had a very solid game, or at least a strong three quarters. The game sort of slowed down late but that was a product of the big lead. The 49ers took their foot off the gas and started working in backups throughout the fourth quarter. The team has a short week with San Diego on the schedule this Thursday so it was huge to get a chance to rest starters.

As we look ahead, some of us will certainly get  excited about this performance, but with the Chargers coming up, this team will have a significantly stiffer challenge down in San Diego Thursday night. The Seahawks were 6-6 entering the game but their defense has really not been all that great this season. The 49ers have failed much of the season to take advantage of opponent mistakes so that's certainly a plus and I will definitely enjoy it. At the same time, I'm not holding my breath for Philip Rivers and the Chargers to make similar miscues.

Speaking of that Chargers game, it now gets to top the list as the biggest of the season. The 49ers do not HAVE to win the game, but a win at San Diego would be a monster coming down the final stretch of 2010 regular season. In a perfect world (at least at this point), the 49ers would be able to finally put together back-to-back solid games and benefit in the standings.

Once again my expectations are getting a bit higher than they really have any business being, but that's the up- and downside to this 2010 season. However you feel following this beatdown of the Seahawks, it's a short week with football right back on the docket this Thursday at San Diego.

Fooch's Note: As I expect QB discussion once again, I've created a QB Discussion FanPost so we don't get an overflow of FanPosts on the always popular topic of Alex Smith and Troy Smith.