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49ers-Seahawks: Mike Singletary Lunch Press Conference

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The San Francisco 49ers pulled out a key win over the Seattle Seahawks yesterday afternoon and now find themselves with an incredibly quick turnaround. In three days they'll be playing the San Diego Chargers on the NFL Network's Thursday Night Football Game of the Week. As a road game, I'd imagine the 49ers will fly down Wednesday night, which means three days of practice, with no traditional Tuesday off-day.

The 49ers were fortunate in that the blowout allowed them to give some of their players at least a little rest in advance of this short week. Coach Mike Singletary will speak with the media at 11:45 today and I'd imagine a lot of the questions that aren't about Alex Smith's performance will be about preparing amidst a short week. Even with the blowout the 49ers players will be a bit worn down. This will be an interesting test of the coaching staff to see how they combine preparation with getting the players fresh on Thursday. I'd imagine the team will stick more to walkthroughs and some light workout type practices instead of any more traditional game week work.

I've posted the embedded live stream after the jump, but you can also view the press conference on CSN Bay Area and at and I'll have a transcript later this afternoon for those that miss Singletary's comments.

Mike Singletary