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Golden Nuggets: That Felt Great

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Well how about that one, folks? Just got back from San Francisco, we didn't get there right at the beginning of the game. I missed the first touchdown but I did see a good portion of the beatdown. It was fantastic ... There were a bunch of 49ers fans in front of me hounding a couple Seahawks fans. The guy in the Tatupu jersey had a chant directed just at him. "You like Tapoopoo," which was special. I couldn't help but laugh, regardless of how ... oh I don't even know how to put it. Either way, around the late third quarter, one of the other Seahawks fans was so upset he started calling out the 49er fans. Word of advice folks, it's not worth fighting over. If your team is losing, don't be a baby and try and throw down in fisticuffs. If some jive turkey steps at you, yeah - you do your thing. But come on now. Seriously. Anyway, no frills today as I'm exhausted. But links aplenty.

Alex Smith responded well to the initial boos with a career game. I still hate seeing multiple passes batted down at the line of scrimmage each game. (

Well the 49ers got a win, and once again, Cohn goes ahead and underestimates the entire fanbase by assuming we can't see where the team stands. But you know how it is. Either way, optimism is optimism. (

So ... I don't know if you know this, but the 49ers are still in the playoff race. That's absurd. Surreal. I'm not getting my hopes up. (

Could yesterday's game have been a glimpse of Alex Smith's future? Probably not, admittedly. It'd sure be nice, though? (

Let the report cards roll in! I agree with these grades, for the most part. (

Here's another report card post, you know, because I can. (

The 49ers sat back and let the game come to them. They were calm. That's quite a first. (

Brian Westbrook has been stepping in nicely for Frank Gore. I still want to see more from Dixon, though. (