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Golden Nuggets: Need Any Advantage We Can Get

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We're dealing with a short week now, and I'm unsure how the 49ers will react. Both the Chargers and our Niners had relatively easy times with their Sunday games, but I believe they're a bit healthier and any advantage they have only adds to their chances of ... well, crushing our 49ers. San Diego isn't an easy test, they have a great defense and a very competent quarterback who can make just about any throw. Alex Smith isn't due for another career-best performance this week, that's for sure. I suppose though, that he is the best person for the job right now, and that's not going to change through this season. Next year? No way, not under any circumstances. Anyway, the gamestream is up at SB Nation Bay Area, so check that out, and let's get to your linkage as I grow weary. Enjoy.

Alex Smith is up for one of the Fed Ex Air and Ground awards. That's pretty ... unexpected. I mean, not after the game, but before it, I wouldn't have guessed. (

It's great that the team is maturing, that Mike Singletary is progressing, but at this point it's far too late. I don't want any kind of late season resurgence to save anybody's job. (

Mike Singletary is doing more coaching these days. It's a good thing, I'm told, but I have to wonder how ... you know, good he is at it. (

So, I was at the game and I didn't catch any of this, but apparently there was some really awful music during the game's broadcast? How did that turn out for you folks? (

Maiocco has his every-player review from Sunday's game against the Seahawks. Good stuff, here. (

The Chargers loom and it's a quick turnaround. The short week is doing no favors for the 49ers. (

Can't help but look ahead - the 49ers have two divisional games to close out the season following the Chargers game. Playing in St. Louis is going to be a crazy game. (

Here's a report card that I missed yesterday. (

Brian Westbrook is not so sure it was a blessing in disguise that he wasn't utilized that much earlier in the season. I'm not either. (

Being a Sheep

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