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49ers vs. Chargers, Thursday Night Football: Joe Theismann and Matt Millen? FML

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It's generally a lot of fun when your football team makes an appearance in some kind of primetime game. The 49ers have had some recent success on primetime games with many of their matchups resulting in either wins or competitive losses. For the most part they haven't embarrassed themselves on national television. Given how poor they've been at times in recent years, that's at least a step forward I suppose.

However, one drawback to tonight's nationally televised broadcast is that we get the dynamically awful duo of Joe Theismann and Matt Millen. I can't really remember much about Bob Papa so I'll overlook him for now. However, I can say with a bit of confidence that Theismann and Millen are simply not that good as announcers. Simply put, they annoy folks to no end and are a downgrade of the broadcast.

When you get handed crappy announcers, how do you handle it? Do you just mute the game or do you turn on the radio broadcast? I've thought about going with the radio broadcast but there's the issue of lag. If the radio broadcast lags a few seconds behind I'm thinking I could just pause the game at the start and sync it up with the radio. The other option would be to drink heavily.