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49ers - Not A Lot, Chargers - A Lot: What Can I Say? I'm Frustrated

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Going into this game there was honestly only one or two things that could swing this in the 49ers favor. The first was losing tight end Antonio Gates for the game, and potentially Vincent Jackson. Well, the former was gone and that didn't help at all. The second was that the 49ers would go into the game pumped up and play above their level. I think that happened for six or seven plays scattered throughout the first quarter, and then nothing. Maybe there was something going on in the third and fourth quarters that I missed, but my internet put me out of my misery by causing the stream to lag and be nigh on unwatchable.

On paper, the Chargers were supposed to win. All of the experts picked the Chargers and hell, a portion of you folks here at Niners Nation picked the Chargers. It's a game where everything went wrong, or according to the rest of the world: everything went right. Alex Smith isn't good enough, our secondary is one of the league's worst and just why exactly was the head official some guy we've never heard of?

Yeah, I'll complain about the officiating. Did the officiating hand the 49ers a loss last night? Not by a long shot, and in the end, it's the win that counts, not the margin (barring some intensely implausible tie-breaker scenarios) but it's still frustrating. Frustrating that this guy was unknown, frustrating that we had a referee with a history of being too big for his uniform ejecting players who made an honest mistake and definitely frustrating when the no-calls kept coming.

Frustrating that we had a touchdown taken away on penalties that should have offset. I could go on and on but I'll suffice to say that this happened several times to the 49ers this season. It's in excusable, but of course it will be excused. Now to the nitty gritty ... The 49ers kind of suck, don't they? For anybody thinking that Alex or Singletary may have started a comeback to save those jobs, for shame. They're both done after this season, the entire team was defeated in under ten minutes.

Last night wasn't some showdown between titans. It wasn't two super powers colliding. It was a very good Chargers team up against a 49ers team that was looking to seize a very small opportunity, but couldn't. What do we have to look forward to?

We've got the Cardinals and the Rams left, and the NFC West is still in reach. Do you want to hear that? I don't either. I don't want to hear it at all, just thinking about it makes me want to help Tre9er punch himself out. Really, I think we should all take turns just ... beating Tre9er unconcious. He's always so keen to punch himself in the face and groin, I motion that we all take a swing at him.

I've talked for a few paragraphs now and I've really said nothing, but I figured we'd get talking about this mess of a football team early on. How hard do you want to punch Tre9er in the face, and also - do you even want this team to make the playoffs?