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49ers-Chargers: Mike Singletary Day After Press Conference

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The 49ers suffered a fairly hideous 34-7 loss to the San Diego Chargers last night on Thursday Night Football. Although it's a midweek game, we still get head coach Mike Singletary's traditional day after press conference. Today's press conference is scheduled for 2pm. I've posted the live stream after the jump so let's hope it operates like normal.

Given today's performance, I'd hope it would make for some interesting questions. I suspect we'll get some philosophical introspection by Singletary as that seems to be what we get after most losses. If I had to predict questions, I'm sure we'll hear some Alex Smith stuff and also follow-up on the fact that he considered inserting Troy Smith in the second half. We'll also hear some questions about Justin Smith. Maybe some comments about the inability to integrate Vernon Davis into the offense. I'm sure there will be some mention of playoffs somewhere in there via question or comment. All in all I can't imagine it'll be a very uplifting experience.

I've posted the embedded live stream after the jump, but you can also view the press conference on CSN Bay Area and at, and I'll have a transcript later this afternoon for those that miss Singletary's comments.

Mike Singletary Press Conference