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Golden Nuggets: Is It A Good Morning?

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Well folks, good morning to you, though if it's anything like mine you've turned into a crotchety old man following the loss yesterday. The fine folks over at Clear, my satellite internet provider, pulled some strings and my internet was decidedly laggy around the second quarter - far too much so for me to continue streaming the game. I feel like I was just put down, put out of my misery so I didn't suffer any longer. I hope some of you were able to escape it as well. I hate turning off a 49ers game, I hate abandoning hope and I definitely hate having to sit here and talk about how terrible this team is. I'm convinced that this entire coaching staff needs to be gone. Mike Singletary is a great guy, really is, the phantoms he's searching for each day that he goes and looks at the film are not going to suddenly appear. There's not a bunch of yards for the 49ers offense waiting to be discovered when he looks it over today. The defense didn't come up with some new turnovers the officials happened to miss.  We now have to hope for some losses this weekend for St. Louis and Seattle. Or maybe we shouldn't be ... who knows at this point? Let's get to your links.

Well, we've got a few grades to look at for the 49ers yesterday. I agree with them mostly, but I'm pretty upset about the facemask penalty. The guy was all up in Norris' facemask as well. Whatever. (

Let me just say right now that the Justin Smith ejection was absolutely bogus. He denies that anything he did was intentional. (

Kudos to Patrick Willis and Takeo Spikes for playing with their respective hand injuries, I shudder to think how it would have looked without them. (

I have to write about this later and I hate even considering it, but the 49ers are still "in the hunt," in the NFC West race. How ... well, frankly, how sad is that? (

Here's what the 49ers playoff picture looks like right now. What's so hilarious is, looking at the remaining schedules, it doesn't look like a tough road at all for the Niners. Absurd. (

Tim Kawakami has some strong thoughts regarding the 49ers and I couldn't agree more: the 49ers are simply a bad team. I think there's a lot there still, and I don't know if Tim necessarily does, but the overarching point is true. (

His buddy (I imagine) Lowell Cohn has some insights echoing the sentiments set forth. It's just a mediocre football team, it seems. (

The 49ers scored three, then seven, and then nothing. I hate the overturned touchdown, I think that there wasn't conclusive proof and therefore it shouldn't have been overturned. Oh well. Win some, lose a lot more. (

It's so infuriating sometimes, the power of the referees. The fact that they conferred and came to the conclusion that Justin Smith was intentionally doing what he's doing just really gets me upset. You know that conversation went "Did he hit you?" "Damn near tried to kill me! Let's make the league safer for all of us refs and punish him!" Or something along those lines. Oh yeah, this article is about Mike Singletary considering pulling Alex Smith during the game. I ramble occasionally. (

It's all about shooting themselves in the bloody stump that was once a foot. Every wound is self-inflicted (I feel like it's a Linkin Park song every time the 49ers play), with the zebras occasionally pawing at the open wounds and kicking up dirt. If anybody tries to correct me for using "pawing," by saying something like "they don't have paws," please look up the word. Thanks. (

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