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Golden Nuggets: Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The NFL

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So, we're a day away from a Sunday of football, and I might try, for the first time in a long time, to just enjoy some football. I love the game, and I always have. The 49ers are doing me no favors on that front, and I've been in a sour mood while watching football this year more than I've been in a good one. If not for the tailgating fare before a game and the atmosphere in general, I'd probably have missed half of the 49ers games this season. So I'm going to sit back and watch some good ol' football. I'm thinking I might watch Cleveland and Cincinatti play, for a few reasons. Detroit versus Tampa Bay could be a good one. At any rate, I'm going to avoid Seattle and St. Louis. Those are both games that could end up angering up my bloog, and we don't want that, right? Of course not. Here's your links.

Head Coach Mike Singletary is undecided on who the starting quarterback is going to be for the next game. Personally, I'd throw Nate Davis in there and see what he can do, just because I can. If not, I'd be leaning more towards Troy Smith as opposed to Alex. (

There's nothing left for Singletary to do. The quarterback switch is all he's got, and he's already done that a couple times now. It's not going to get him anywhere. (

The national media is calling this what it is: a frustrating season, and the 49ers are running out of time to save it. (

Justin Smith learned to look before shoving? Did the official learn to handle referee-player interaction without going all tough guy on 'em? I doubt it. (

The 49ers still don't have an identity. They're still searching for it, that much is clear from several things. The fact that no gameplan ever feels complete, the fact that we only pass when we're behind. There's too much. (

Some of us are still hoping for a division win, though I wonder why sometimes, that's just how it is. Still, one has to believe (Brian Billick) that the 49ers simply aren't worthy. (

Mike Singletary has no answers. Hell, I don't even know what the questions are anymore. (

The 49ers have put the San Diego loss to rest? Yeah, I doubt it. That one is going to hurt for awhile. (

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