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NFL Head Coach Search: Bill Cowher Interested in Giants, Dolphins, Texans

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Two week ago we began developing a list of potential head coach options if the San Francisco 49ers elected to part ways with current head coach Mike Singletary. One option often mentioned is former Steelers head coach Bill Cowher. Rumors have circulated that he would prefer the east coast, but that hasn't stopped folks from talking about him as a potential 49ers head coach.

Well, we finally have a little news on Cowher's interests. I was just watching Sportscenter and they reported that ESPN's Chris Mortensen has heard that Bill Cowher is definitely interested in getting back on the sidelines and his current short list of "dream teams" includes the New York Giants, Miami Dolphins and Houston Texans. I guess we shouldn't be concerned with the fact that all three have head coaches, although two of those coaches are likely on the hot seat. While Tom Coughlin would seem to have some job security, Gary Kubiak has to be on the hot seat while Tony Sparano is likely inching close to it.

It's still early in this process so who knows where Cowher would end up, particularly if somebody unloaded a bunch of cash and a whole lot of power at his doorstep. I do think it's a little shady to talk about being interested in jobs where there are existing head coaches. I suppose this has been played like somebody told somebody who told Chris Mortensen, but if this is true it came from Cowher in some manner. I suppose it could have been leaked without Cowher's knowledge, but if he did have knowledge I think there are classier ways it could have been handled.

Given the 49ers tenuous coaching situation, we'll keep an eye on this developing story.