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Golden Nuggets: We Get It, Already

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Good morning everyone. You know something I'm sick of? Asking Aaron Rodgers every single year if he has a problem with the 49ers. He doesn't, if you don't pay attention and happen to be wondering. Why would he, as a matter of fact? Wouldn't make sense in the least. Either way ... not a lot today, nothing has really changed. Gore is still hurt, if you were wondering. So is Zeigler. Which sucks. I suppose I was a bit down yesterday regarding the whole thing. It's sunk in now, we can move on and do well without them if we have to. Let's just get to your links.

Hey guys, Aaron Rodgers has no ill will. Did you know that? Were you guys all aware? We'll hear about it next year too, so no worries. (

Brian Westbrook and Anthony Dixon are pretty much opposites. I love how stoked Dixon gets for things. Love the guy so far. (

You can find audio from a conference call with Aaron Rodgers, and one with Packers head coach Mike McCarthy at this link. (

Here's some random notes from yesterday. (

Thunder and lightning? That's a lame name for the 49ers backfield. (

The Niners signed three to the practice squad. Nice to see Bakari Grant back. (

Here's some notables from the 49ers win. (

How about a first look at the Green Bay Packers? I'm a little scared. (

Mike Singletary cries a lot. Yep. (

If you didn't catch it in one of the earlier links, Frank Gore will not require surgery. (