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Golden Nuggets: Feels Good

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Well that was special, don't you think? I couldn't resist watching the games involving our NFC West foes, I had to tune in. It was fantastic viewing, watching the Seahawks get dominated, watching the Rams fall short of their plans and laughing about the Cardinals and their continued struggles. They all laughed on Thursday, it was only fair we got to take a good, hearty moment to laugh it up. I know some of you don't want the 49ers to make the playoffs, and it's understandable considering the 49ers would then be picking around pick twenty-one, I believe. Which would suck. Picking twenty-first at 7-9? Get out of here with that nonsense. As for the linkage, there really isn't much today. Almost everything is about the 49ers being in the playoff hunt. So let's just get to 'em. Here's your links.

If the 49ers win their next two games, they're in the playoffs. I don't get it, seriously. 7-9, really? (

Looks like there will be more music played during games, most notably on Fox. Nice shout out to SBNBA in the article, as well. (

Lookie there, some playoff scenarios, because you needed to read them again. (

The 49ers and the Cardinals will be looking for a quarterback early next year. (

Do the 49ers deserve to go to the playoffs if they win the division at 7-9? Yeah, the short answer is yes they do. (

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