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Vikings vs. Bears, Monday Night Football: Chatting With The NFLPA

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It's been a pretty slow day what with the 49ers players having the day off. Normally on a Monday I don't post a thread for Monday Night Football, but I thought given the light posting today, why not have a thread for what should be an interesting event if only for the elements that will be in play. The Minnesota Vikings will be playing their first home game outdoors in quite some time as they'll host the Chicago Bears at the University of Minnesota's football stadium while the Metrodome roof is repaired (the awesome footage of the collapse after the jump). It looks like the snow is coming down and of course it's freezing as all get out. The weather report is for six to seven inches of snow, 15-20 mph winds, and 19 degrees with a windchil of -1.

Oh, and apparently HWSNBN is starting the game in spite of not practicing all week and being ruled out a couple days ago. I feel bad for Vikings QB Joe Webb. HWSNBN sucks and this is just some weak sauce.

In addition to the game, there is an interesting twitter chat that will be going on throughout the game. In the continuing PR battle that is being waged between the NFL and NFLPA, the Players Association will conduct a live chat via Twitter with Assistant Executive Director of External Affairs of the NFLPA, George Atallah. The chat will start at 5:30pm pacific and he will be responding to questions regarding the potential NFL Lockout in 2011 from their handle @NFLLockout or  If you have any kind of twitter handle you'll be able to fire off questions surrounding the CBA and the current state of a potential lockout.  When posting you must use the hashtag #LockoutChat in your post when directing your question.

The NFLPA folks indicated It may be easier to follow the whole conversation by logging in to Twitter on where you can put in the hashtag #LockoutChat in the search bar at the top of the page and see everyone using that hashtag in real-time.