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Golden Nuggets: 21st Pick Would Be Rough

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Good morning everyone. We're coming to the home stretch, we've got two games remaining with the potential of more if we win them. I don't know if you want the playoffs, and I'm not sure if I do either considering the change in draft positioning. I think it's silly to lose on purpose to get a better spot in the draft, but if we're talking about the difference from picking around eighth to picking around 21st? That's a pretty drastic change, wouldn't you say? I don't think it's quite worth it at that point, but at the same time, I'll take great joy out of every 49ers victory and every NFC West rival loss that comes in the next two weeks. We can get both of those at least two more times, and I won't think about the draft, just humiliating the Rams and Cardinals again. Need to do that. Anyway, let's get to your links, but don't expect a ton. Go Niners.

Here is Matt Maiocco's every-player-review from Thursday's game against the Chargers. Now, let's forget it ever happened, alright? We never played the Chargers ... you didn't see nothin'. (

The 49ers pass rush is one of inconsistencies and false hopes. Each guy who "should" be the guy has fallen short of expectations. I want to see what Gibson can do and the only guy I really want back is Lawson. I'm not ready to part with what he brings to the defense, unless Ahmad Brooks realizes his potential. (

Keeping Sam Bradford cold is the key to the 49ers road to the playoffs. He's been playing rather poorly of late, and the 49ers defense needs to step it up and keep it that way. (

It's so weird to think about Mike Singletary as a Hall of Fame linebacker these days. All I can see in my head is the frustrating head coach who looks as though he doesn't really have a clue when it comes to coaching. Still, he is basically a badass, what with the whole finger incident. Got nothing on Ronnie, though. (

Maiocco answers some reader questions from Twitter. (

I do like Keaton Kristick a lot these days. He's a cool guy, but I don't expect him to have a big future in SF. He's not a bad backup, but I'm expecting him to be expendable pretty soon, especially is Scot McKillop is on the road to recovery. By the way, anybody else really like Phil's new blog layout? (

How about a second look at the St. Louis Rams? A second win would be great, too. (

Here you go, a look at what it takes to NOT be a contender. I couldn't bring myself to read it. (

It's frustrating to be a fan of a team that has more questions than answers. It'd be nice to have some answers for once. (

The 49ers will be hosting a fan appreciation day for the final game. against the Cardinals. (

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