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Golden Nuggets: Delusional

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Good morning folks, Ninjames here suffering from a bout of sleep deprivation. Stayed up all night to get the previous Nuggets done and still have yet to sleep. Can't really understand why but if this post is full of plot holes and grammatical mistakes, well, you know why: it's because I can't see anything at all. In fact, I've read the articles I'm going to be linking you a few times over and they still don't make all that much sense to me. I'm slightly worried for my sanity, but hey, nothing wrong with going a little crazy now and then. I don't have much else to say so we can just get to your linkage. And Go Niners, of course.

Mike Singletary allegedly knows who will be the starting quarterback for Sunday's game against the Rams, but he's not going to tell anyone. I wouldn't be surprised if he was undecided right now and was just stalling, personally. (

The 49ers are getting some much-needed extra rest, just what they need for this game what with a few minor injuries here and there. (

We added a kicker to the practice squad, and he's got some power. I won't get excited, because it's pretty silly to get excited randomly about a kicker, but it sure would be nice to get a touchback every now and then. (

On top of the aforementioned kicker, the 49ers also signed an offensive lineman to the practice squad. (

I hope that running back Anthony Dixon has what it takes to be a feature back at some point in the NFL because I really love the guy. I usually only like defensive players but this guy is just awesome. (

How about a look at some AccuScore numbers related to the NFC West division and each team's chance of winning it. (

Here is what appears to be audio of Head Coach Mike Singletary on KNBR, but I stopped listening to these things long ago, so I can't really confirm for all of you. (

Commissioner Goodell says that a playoff seeding system could be explored this offseason. I think it's stupid, personally. People wouldn't be crying over it if it was their team. (

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