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49ers vs. Rams: Source: Troy Smith Named Starter On Sunday

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NFL Network's Jason LaConfora is reporting that Troy Smith will be making the start at quarterback for the 49ers when they play the St. Louis Rams on Sunday. Mike Singletary was being quiet with his decision on which quarterback would be playing, even being as cryptic to leave open the possibility of both playing. Apparently the rat is back, and he's good friends with Jason, because it looks like we've gone from Alex, to Carr for three plays, to Troy, back to Alex and now back to Troy again.

Troy's best game as a Niner was probably the game against the St. Louis Rams earlier this season in which he made several good plays and kept it rolling. Alex Smith followed up with a huge performance against Seattle with a lackluster performance against the Chargers and now we're back at Troy.

I'm eager to see what Singletary has to say regarding this new leak. I wonder if he'll just start Alex instead so he can dance and be happy that the rat is wrong. Either way, getting this post up quickly. Now, as to my thoughts ... I'm basically neutral on this. I don't think Alex Smith played bad to the point where he deserved to be benched, but I also think we've seen what we need to with Alex. I feel like we know what he can bring and he's not the answer, and maybe Troy needs another look while we can before the draft. Thoughts?

Thanks to mikeinsp for getting a fanshot up about this.