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Golden Nuggets: Troy It Is

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Well, we know who the quarterback will be on Sunday and we know who the rat is within the 49ers organization. At the very least, we have a pretty good idea. I have my theories, which I'll likely detail in a post later, but beyond that, the bigger news is the quarterback. I still don't really know how I feel about this, I'm fed up with Alex Smith but I'm concerned about Troy Smith's obvious limitations. I think the bit about him and the offensive playbook being limited argument is overstated, but to a lesser extent it still is a big deal when it's such a pivotal game. Or maybe it's not pivotal, I'm still going back-and-forth on that front. I'm confusing myself and telling you folks nothing so let's get to your links so I can head to bed. Short list tonight, folks. Enjoy.

So, it's going to be Troy Smith making the start at quarterback on Sunday, not Alex. I like Troy a lot and am curious as to what else, if anything, he can bring to his game ... but I'm not sure if it is the right decision either way. (

There was an awful lot of things to consider going into the decision to start Troy. So many comparisons to go over, check, and then re-check. (

Third down success defines the San Francisco 49ers. Well, the lack thereof does. (

Here's audio from conference calls with Rams Head Coach Steve Spagnuolo and safety OJ Atogwe. (

The outside linebacker corps is certainly thinning. Let's see some Thaddeus Gibson, yeah? (

Despite the fact that's it's a questionable decision, you know, starting Troy Smith might end up being just what the 49ers need at the position. (

Being a Sheep

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