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Caption This!

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Your Caption Here!
Your Caption Here!

Apologies to those Niners Nation readers who do not celebrate Christmas (and not just for the usual reasons: I have a friend who abstains from every aspect of the affair because she doesn't want to spend all that money on presents), but on Christmas Eve it just seemed in the spirit to give creepy-Santa-who-reminds-me-of-the-older-gentleman-from-Jurassic-Park-emerging-from-a-strange-cardboard-fireplace-with-frightening-ghost-stockings a whirl.

You just don't get people dressing up and looking creepy for any Jewish or Hindu or Athiest holidays. And I don't put holidays on display here without people dressing up and looking creepy. So if you non-Christian folks want to make the Caption This!, well, you know, you'd better get on that. Next up: Easter!

So Merry Christmas, Niners Nation! May we all dress up and look creepy this holiday weekend! And may it be out of the ordinary for some of us!

You know the drill by now: Use the comments section to provide your captions, and rec' the ones you like the most. Last week's winner was Andrew Davidson, with a not-so-grand total of 8. Let's see if we can't get our first 20-rec'er this week.