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Golden Nuggets: No Rotations

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Morning folks. Yesterday would have been a great day for football, but Fooch poisoned my brain and all I was able to hear was Matt Millen being stupid. Plus, Ben Roethlisberger didn't get punched in his fat face, which sucks. There's a short list of football players I actually want to be punched, and he's second on my list. As far as 49ers-related news goes, there's not a lot other than Singletary confirming the fact that Troy Smith will be the starter. And the speculation is continuing about both Smiths getting time against the Rams. Unless Troy is playing bad, I don't see it. Some random "scheme" where one guy comes in for the red zone or something like that is just laughable. I don't know, I'm ranting. Here's your links.

It's official now, folks. Set in stone, until Mike Singletary changes his mind or something crazy like that. Troy Smith is the starter. (

And look at that, one of the first is pertaining to the possibility of both Smiths playing. Unless Troy fails hard in the first half, we will not see Alex. No rotating, it better not happen. (

Apparently there was some sort of agreement with Candlestick Park, which is cool, I guess. (

You never have two starters. If we're switching back and forth between quarterbacks, it means we don't have a starter. (

Here's Lam's latest Q&A, and this one is, you guessed it, from Examiner's Rams blogger. (

Maiocco has posted his latest NFL Power Rankings. (

We've got audio from Brian Jennings on KNBRRonnie Lott on KNBR, and then Steve Young on KNBR. Can't listen to any of them right now, but I bet the firs tone is the best.(

Randomness: Was just reading an article on Yahoo, wondering who the hell wrote it and why it sucked so bad ... then I realized Yahoo has a new contributor program where anybody can just publish away. Ugh. Be wary of Bleacher Report-esque pieces on Yahoo, folks.

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