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NFL Gambling Odds: Updated 49ers Odds

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The fine folks at Bodog Sports have put together some updated odds on everything from Super Bowl and division title odds to odds on where Donovan McNabb will be and what role he will fill in 2011. As folks continue enjoying the holidays, I thought we'd take a look at some of these odds

If the 49ers make the playoffs will Mike Singletary be the coach of the 49ers for game 1 of the 2011 NFL Regular Season?
Yes -200
No +150

Fooch's Thoughts: Honestly, I have to think at this point he'd need to win at least one game, if not two. Had he brought the 49ers back to 9-7, just making the playoffs might have been enough. But at 7-9, just making the playoffs won't cut it. The problem with this wager is that it doesn't distinguish between making the playoffs and winning a playoff game. For now I'd have to bet the no.

Will any team from the NFC West win a playoff game this year?
Yes +240
No -300

Fooch's Thoughts: I'd bet the yes just because betting no is too tough to win much of anything. The 8-8 Chargers beat the Colts in round one in 2008 so why shouldn't an NFC West team? And a home playoff team would give plenty of reason to bet for the NFC West champ.

Donovan McNabb - What will his role be for game 1 of the 2011 NF Regular Season?
Starting QB for the Redskins 7/1
Starting QB for the Vikings 5/2
Starting QB for the Cardinals 4/1
Starting QB for the 49ers 15/2
Starting QB for any Other NFL Team 3/2
Backup QB for Any NFL Team 7/2
Not on an NFL Roster 15/1

Fooch's Thoughts: I've inclued a poll to see what folks think about whether the 49ers will make a run at McNabb. Given the numerous QB problems across the league, I can't imagine McNabb is a backup to start the season. The 49ers have the second worst odds, but I think that might be the logical choice in terms of the mix of long odds but decent probability. And in light of the QB switcheroo, I think it's actually a smart bet.

NFL 2010 - Odds to win NFC West Division
St.Louis Rams 3/2
San Francisco 49ers 7/4
Seattle Seahawks 7/4

Fooch's Thoughts: If the 49ers win and Seahawks lose the 49ers likely become the odds on favorite. If the 49ers win and Seahawks win, I think the Seahawks become a slight favorite since they host St. Louis to close the year. Deciding to bet on the 49ers would depend on how you feel about Sunday's game at the Rams.